How To Get iFile for Free

30 08 2009

Ok so on my Youtube Channel I posted this video last month, but the source to get it for free, has been deleted:

So since the repo was deleted, please read the following directions to learn how to get it for free.

Before We Begin PLEASE go to XSellize and REGISTER, put “irockish” in the referrer box. ALL THIS WOULDN’T BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT THOSE USERS AND SITE!!

1. Install Official iFile from Cydia to download dependencies (Only do this if you didnt have iFile installed beforehand)

2. Uninstall Official iFile from Cydia (remember you only did this to get the dependencies “attachment=to ,etc..”

3. Download This File SSH File to iPhone or iPod and set permissions to “755” (right click>properties>set permissions)

4. Load Mobile Terminal and type as follows

su (Return Key)
alpine (Return Key)
cd (cd to location of deb / eg. “/debs”) (Return Key)
ls (Return Key)
dpkg -i iFile_1.0.1-1_new_wortel.deb (file’s name in blank spot) (Return Key)

5. Enter Any Email Address For Registration

6. Any Problems? Tweet Me: Click




15 responses

24 09 2009

thanks! it works!

16 11 2009

how do i get the .deb file on my iPhone? cant figure out WinSCP


5 01 2010

I am stuck at step 4 – I can load mobile terminal and follow steps (not sure if pic gives answer away – will not load) but message “cannot access archive”

2 08 2010

that’s probably becuz you’re not working in the right directory.
(before you browse to the folder where the .deb file is, be sure to enter ‘cd ..’ untill you’re 100 % sure you’re in the root.
I get another error though, ‘dependency problems in eu.heinelt.ifile’

18 02 2010

dude, you can use the WinSCP terminal if that helps. just press ctrl+T and click yes if a pop-up screen appears then enter the code you need and you’re done

5 10 2010

to clear up some confusion, if you are on ios 4.x you will need the newest version of mobile terminal app. version 426 this will have to be installed to your iphone via ssh to applications folder on your device. the reason is the newest version in cydia is mobile terminal 3x and crashes on ios4.x.

To get this newer version, add the following source to cydia:

Once you have connected to cyberduck on mac or WinSCP on win, goto your root directory, then to the Applications folder, and drag the .app of mobile terminal. To install the .deb files, you will need to drop the file into the

var/mobile/ directory.
(make sure you have openSSH installed on your iDevice and turned on!)

in mobile terminal on your iDevice, Type:
you will be prompted for a pasword.
by depault the password is “alpine” (without quotes”) if you have changed it use the password you have changed it to.
to install the deb file from mobile terminal, enter the following command in mobile terminal:
dpkg -i filename.deb
as long as you have placed the .deb file in the /var/mobile folder, you do not have to worry about the directory. Change the “filename” to match the name of your .deb file.
press return and the .deb file should install (just like in cydia)
to respring in mobile terminal, type the following (case sensitive!):
killall SpringBoard

I hope this information helps you guys to install .deb files in mobile terminal on your iDevices.


26 10 2010

You can download this from the xSellize source (google) or from the sinfuliphonerepo (again: google)

14 03 2011
Leana Fryson

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5 02 2013

I haven’t tested it but if it helps yours iExplorer!

5 02 2013

BLEH interesting!

1 04 2013

Go into ifile>settings>Registration Status>email then type

12 10 2015
redsnow 0.9.6b6 3g

does someone know how to download cydia for my iphone running on ios 8.1?

5 07 2016
Takisha Dowdell

help jailbreak iphone

24 09 2017

can anyone share a registration email for ifile?

22 10 2017
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